Game No Longer Works

  • So the new season was released. I managed to complete 6 or 7 season games (out of 15-20 attempts).. suddenly in the middle of a game.. game boots me out. I return and am forced to log into my account. I log in but the 5 scolls I used to enter the season are credited back, the season is no longer available and worst of all.. no matter what version of the game I try to play, clicking on "Auto Match" nothing happens. I have tried to reinstall the game 4 or 5 times but no change. This is running via Steam on my Windows 10 laptop. Any ideas?

  • Update.. I logged out and in a couple of times, now the scrolls are gone but no season to play in. Looks like auto match is working but I haven't tried to play a game yet.

  • ok.. after a couple of log ins and a match of the regular game, season shows. Now if we can just get more than 1 out of 3 to finish.

  • Trust me you wasted your scrolls. Hope you didn’t use real money to pay for them. This game is horrifically bug ridden. It’s pointless to even play this game.

  • I'm surprised they try to charge for their crap product, but anything for a cash grab, right?

  • @Gumpt1ous_v2 correct. I’m sure they have good intentions. Sadly the path to hell was paved with good intentions. The path to heaven was paved with good works.

    Sadly they have good intentions and mediocre works.

  • @Mons00n1 Saying that it's mediocre is too generous of a word. Atrociously inadequate is more fitting, this is coming after a game where I had a strong 4 point lead and was 1 point from winning and the game fucked me over with the next 20 rolls ending in me losing. I can accept this in real life because that is truly just pure bad luck. However, knowing the odds that 20 fuck you rolls in a row and seeing how the game's poorly coded algorithm has done this multiple times in the past to myself and to my opponents, it's hard for me to just write this off as "bad luck." I put this game under the same category as playing online poker, blackjack, or anything "with luck involved." It's rigged.

  • Couldn’t agree more. This software is a complete shit show. It’s a joke. They should be embarrassed but I think they’re too busy telling everyone to email support.

    Really @administrators @Developers? We need to send you an email so you can finally realize this code is complete garbage.

    I told you 6 freaking months ago and it’s only getting worse. I’ll pass on sending an email. If you are a developer worth a damn: dog food your code.

    Go play a few games IF you can. I’d bet you can’t. Waste of time and money. Pass.

  • Yeah, I can't even play on my phone nor from my browser. What a waste of money.

  • I have the exact problem with the logging in and clicking and nothing happens. If you find a fix, please let me know.
    I have sent an email to support@catanuniverse.

  • So I just tried again and I cannot play automatch, but single player is playable....ugh.

  • Game does not work - I tried to delete it and reinstall the app . It simple doesn’t work

  • JE PUBLIE CE POST car Trop c' est trop on nous vend un jeu qui fonctionne jamais ou 1 fois sur 3 sans arrêt des bug jetais classé 60 je suis passé 2400 a cause est uniquement a cause des bug comment peut pas s offrir des serveur ou des admin le jeu bug sans arrêt les jeux gratuit eux fonctionne celui quand il veut merci de nous rembourser ou bien de réparer votre jeu .

  • I think the most amazing part is no dev or admin has replied to a single complaint since the season started. one last money grab before shutting the app down?

  • fuck this game and fuck the devs

  • So the tournament has ended. There are no kind words for how the server and game played out over the course of this weekend(and throughout). This game has way too many bugs or is vunerable in some way to external attacks to cause such a mess. I lost over 100 elo/season points each weekend of the tournament not due to losses but due to game disconnect issues players hanging and being forced to quit. I am glad the 5 scolls I used came about from playing the base scenarios and not from additional money. For those of you who paid to enter this tourney you should all demand a refund. Honestly those responsible for this game really should award every person who played the top prize. Then fix the darn game.. don't release additional anytihng,tourneys,etc. until the bugs are worked out and the server is protected/can handle the load. For now, this is a very sad portrayal of an amazing game. Someone somewhere, please write a better version for those of us who just love the game and an honest challenge.

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