Game freezing & getting kicked w/no disconnect

  • I just had the 3rd or 4th time the game froze just on me, but I could still type in the chat window. It was on another person's turn when it happened, so it wasn't like my time ran out. The guys in the chat told me the the game said I had been replaced with an AI, but they could still see me chat & responded to me so I hadn't lost connection. I also checked & there had not been a hiccup in my hardwired (not wireless) broadband. So I've lost a ton of points, and the 2nd time it happened I was winning. This is a bummer b/c cities & knights is my favorite.

    In addition the game scoring is jumping around weiredly - at one point I went from 3 pts up to 2nd place with no corresponding build/road/ect. but the other players, and another I went from 2 pts down to 2 pts up. What's the deal?

    Can I at least get my ELO & scrolls back?

  • It just happened again - talking to other players in that particular match it's been happening to them too. One player said they fell from like ranked 50th to like 300th. I tried tapping, /reload, etc. I could chat back & forth with them while the game part was still hung up and/or my timer was showing them it was running out. Bummer. Please fix!

  • This is a feature of this software. These issues have been reported for years. The developers are either completely incompetent or don’t care. Regardless the bug is fully described as PEBKAC. Problem Exists Between Keyboard and Chair

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