Turn Timer does NOT work.

  • Hello,

    I just want to report that I either had to quit or got "kicked out" of my last FIVE consecutive games after I restarted my app because another player froze the game during the placement phase.

    The player usually goes AFK, leaving 2 or 3 people waiting. The Turn Timer runs out of time, but the player whose AFK doesn't get kicked out of the game like they are supposed to. Instead the players who are actually present usually have to either quit or get "kicked out" because we try to restart.

    If the Turn Timer actually worked, then we wouldn't have issues with so many games freezing during the placement phase.

    It's really ridiculous that we have to pay for this gaming experience. People have been reporting this problem for months. Nothings been fixed yet. I have had this issue every single time I played during the last 2 months. You guys say on developer notes section that the latest update fixed this and a whole range of other bugs, but its actually gotten worst.

    You guys are responsible for making sure your gaming platform is fully functional if you require us to pay for it. Otherwise there are a lot of good reasons to file a lawsuit over it. Including plenty of screenshots and recorded games. So unless you want to get sued in the future, I advise you take care of these bugs ASAP.

    Thank you for your continued efforts.

  • Same here, it is getting rediculous, so I see this Cities and Knights season, so I think, nice, a competition, but then at least 50% of the games fail. Most of the time players don't choose their starting village or city for some reason and the turn timer keeps running forever, so the only solution is to quit the game and get bad Karma I think, hopefully not bad ELO score.you you start this.
    Then also many times people drop out of games, being replaced by CPU's, it happens so many times that I can't believe all these players have bad connections.
    And the CPU sucks, I don't want to play a competiion against CPU's ...

    Now perhaps the players disconnection issue is hard to fix but you must be able to create a stable turn / afk / disconnection timer no?

    Seriously it is getting really bad, please do something about it.

  • I agree, happens all the time to me. No option but to exit game and lose ELO.

  • @Cyberwiz I believe it is no coincidence that so many players get kicked and so many games get stuck. To start a game, and then choose neither to end, nor to play it, can be only a rare exception! Who would be so silly? I believe I have been on both ends of the problem enough to say it is not a choice, but a bug, :bug: and a frequent bug :bug: :bug: :bug: at that.

  • Frequent bug is an understatement. This happens so much it is pretty much expected. Frustrating.

  • 9 months later and it is still not fixed.... I have never seen a working turn timer...

  • @F1oresta1 people have not been complaining about this for months, but for years.

  • Same here - Never got past the placement phase in any of teh games i played this last hour. (4-5 games)

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