Tournament is a ripoff

  • There is no reason to play in the tournament.

    The tourney play has all the freezing, server, and AI issues as the regular game, so the scoring system is completely useless. You lose 8 points every time a game freezes before it even begins, and it freezes about 50% of the time.

    Unless you want to pay for the stupid avatar gear that you get for entering the tournament, there is no reason to pay to play the same game.

    There really should be a refund available. They shouldn't have a tournament that makes you pay to enter when there are obvious issues making the scoring meaningless.

  • @hoary-marmot I agree keep getting error message after game starts lost karma and elo. Also I diskije that I can't post until after waiting 120 secs

  • Over 50 percent my game freezes in the tournament. A lot of issues directors.

  • @hoary-marmot I'm having the same problems - just had the 3rd or 4th time the game froze just on me, but I could still type in the chat window. It was on another person's turn, so it wasn't like my time ran out. The guys in the chat told me the the game said I had been replaced with an AI, but they could still see me chat & responded to me so I hadn't lost connection. I also checked & there had not been a hiccup in my hardwired (not wireless) broadband. So I've lost a ton of points, and the 2nd time it happened I was winning. This is a bummer b/c cities & knights is my favorite. I also agree the in game scoring has jumped around weirdly.

  • Really discouraging to play in a season when it crashes 75% of the time.

    Very disappointing, what to do?

  • I love Catan, but the whole app is just a disappointment. They need someone to figure out the network, because it’d be a shame for the app to fail because of it. For me, playing this app is just frustrating because almost half my games freeze.. its garbage. I want a refund.

  • 90% of my Season games have crashed in this Tournament. I have written to and they haven't replied... my Elo and especially my Karma are all down the drain. @Developers @administrators Please do something to fix this and refund everyone their 5 Scrolls.

  • No admin reply so far. No surprise there. What else can they say apart from "what platform are you using?", or "could you try restarting your pc/phone?" just to make you feel you're not ignored.

  • This issue has been happening for MONTHS. If anyone here spend a single penny on this app or this tournament: you just go completely ripped off.

    Admins & Devs say log out/log in. Say it’s your network connection. BULL! PEBKAC
    Problem Exists Between Keyboard and Chair.

    Great game sad the owners screwed Cities3D and tried to create their own complete garbage version here & with Microsoft....

    FWIW I’ve tried everything because I love playing this game but NOT this incarnation of Catan.

    I’ve used cellular LTE & 5Ge, two different cable modem connnections and now I have a freaking 1,000MBps up & down still this issue persists.

    Plus now two generations of iPhones.

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