No incentive to play in tournaments

  • I’ve been trying to play off and on for a week now On mobile and in browser and have not been able to play an actual game at all! Every time the game finds people it will freeze or someone’s “inactive” and I have to leave the game. Today makes it at least 6 games in a row.

    And now I login and see an announcement to play a ranking style competitive option but I have to buy the expansion (which is my favorite one btw).

    My question to the devs and stakeholders of this game. Why would I ever spend more money on this game when you can’t fix an issue that stops people from actually playing the game? I’m about to give up on this game for good.

  • Welcome to the club.

  • @TheLumberjack

    yeah. it's super frustrating. i paid 2 bucks to get the scrolls to play in the tourney and then when i try to play, i'd say about 1 out of 3 games will freeze, then i either get kicked when i reboot or have to quit. Either way, i lose 8 ranking points.

    The tourney sounds like it'd be fun and a good way to measure your skills up against other people, but it's not. After playing for 30-60 minutes and winning to gain 7-8 points, you lose them almost immediately when trying to find another game.

    really badly executed. they shouldn't have a paid tourney with obvious networking issues.

  • @hoary-marmot Yup - I posted on this issue too.

  • Merry Christmas to Klaus! I’m sure they enjoy the revenue stream. Wonder if their family has ever tried playing this incarnation. Bet they’d be embarrassed with what is happening here.

  • Exozet developed the game through United Soft Media. Since they're not listening to us on here, then I suggest sending your issues directly to them on the emails below. The first one sends a support ticket to someone on their team:

    This is from the website here:
    Responsible for,, and

    United Soft Media Verlag GmbH
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    D-80539 München, Germany

    Telephone: +49 / 89 / 290 88 175
    Fax: +49 / 89 / 290 88 160

    CEO: Kurt Tomaszewski
    Register court: Amtsgericht München
    Registry number: HR B 49 504
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  • @TheLumberjack More and more I come to the conclusion that it is not worth playing online anymore.

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