How many players/friends can play together? And do all need the base game and dlcs?

  • Hi.

    My friend introduced me to the game yesterday and we had a lot of fun playing it. Well, except that the AI seems to suck. But my questions goes in that regard.

    How many players (just friends, don't want to play with others) can play together? And would it be enough if only one person buys the game/dlcs to host etc? I mean if we played the board game then we would only need one game. Problem is the distance as we live in different countries. And one player can host, right? Or is a server needed? Sorry if these questions have been answered before. Couldn't find a search option.

    I appreciate any help. Thanks.

  • Everyone who wants to play has to purchase the expansion or at least use scrolls to activate it at the time of the match. It’s stingy and lame.

    Anyone can host a custom match. No server rental needed.

    Catan Universe currently supports up to 4 player matches.

  • @six-nine-five Happy new Year.

    Thank you for your help. We bought this now all and finally can enjoy it together.

    Can you help me in regards of Rivals of Catan? How can we actually trade there? We don't seem to have any button for it which seems really weird.

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