ELO loss during buggy games

  • Could you perhaps fix the issue with players not getting kicked after not playing during their time?

    About 20-30% of all games I play end up with me waiting some 5 minutes for one of the players placing their initial villages without getting kicked out and replaced by an AI.

    This result in me having to leave the game and lose ELO. I would estimate that I have loss 300-400 in this exact way over the last couple of weeks. It is unfathomable that you have not been able to fix this.

    Getting the question: "Are you sure? Leaving the game will result in an 'unsettled' world and ELO loss." Drives the most stable person crazy the 30th time you see it due to leaving a game because of some bug.

  • @clmn 300-400?? Are you sure? I know it's buggy and I've lost a fair few points myself, but 400 points in 2 weeks seems a bit unreal. Assuming you were on 1250, you would've been on 850, which is an ELO rating I've never seen before.

  • @huangcq

    I agree with clmn. There is the similar case. It was me. three weeks ago my ELO 1167. But I had been kicked the game several times consecutively without good reason. Remember straight 4 times maybe and lost just once. so my elo 1080. and I got bad karma. Besides, when the game stuck on someone, restarted the app.( my phone is iphone) Then... I had been kicked. lost points. finally my elo was 1030. After I won several times, got 1120 ELO last week. But the same case took place this week. Now my ELO is 1068. I just won, lost 2 times in this week. clmn talk like this case.
    I purchased the expand last month. When I expanded, my ELO was 1175.
    Had experienced this shock three times. Lost my points 200 or more. I can’t explain. I understand clmn.

  • @iann11 Ah okay, I thought it's net loss 300-400 points.

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