• I would like to report two bugs:

    1. The second player was able to place his first village next to the settlement of the first player. Rules prescribe 2 roads difference, right?

    2. A player make no move during initial placement. The time expired, but he was still on turn. Later he was replaced by AI, but AI made no move. During the game one of players mentonioned that he so hoped that this version would remove this annoying bug. After 20 minutes of nothing the game was cancelled. One thing that still works properly is the message: "You were kicked from the game".

  • administrators

    @wildrose1981 Thank you very much for your feedback. We are looking into issues where during the initial phase of the game it seems like players aren´t really connected to the "same game".

    What you described sounds like what we are currently investigating.

  • I have noticed an issue I would like to report for base game on steam version 1.8.4 where the total game stats for dice rolls shows the Rivals of Catan version and hence is not updated during the game. Individual roll stats show correctly. On the contrary, my Android version accurately shows total roll stats. I appreciate you looking into this.

  • @Administrator I am facing a new issue now. I am being kicked off from games that never started.

    1. I search for a game.
    2. Application at some point indicates that I 4 of 4 players are available, but the search is still incomplete.
    3. That is OK, but then I got a message that I was kicked from the game? Which game? How?

    Notes: recently I play also single player and in online games I block people who does not play. Unfortuatelly it is not possible to distinguish between intentional discontect winers and technicaly blocked people.

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