Game freezes in initial settlement phase

  • I have experienced a recurring issue over 15 times. If a player fails to place an initial settlement, the game timer times out and does not kick the player. Then everyone else in the game is forced to leave, causing everyone to lose ELO. Please fix this problem!! I also commented on Game freezing on one player as well.

  • Happens all the time to me as well, just installed new version on iPad and first game did the same thing.

  • Thank you very much for your feedback on that topic. Our team is currently investigating issues during the setup phase of the game.

  • Happens to me constantly, about 20-30% of all games. Lost HUNDREDS of ELO this way. You should really replace your team with some competent programmers. This really isn't that advanced of a game. It is in no way justified for the app to be this buggy, especially since it is a paid app.

  • Same here.

    There are connection issues in more than 50% of the games. Either the turn timer of a player keeps running after he went AFK or DC, so the other players are forced to quit the game.

    Or, if we get through the initial setup, players drop out and get replaced by a CPU.
    Personally, I haven't dropped out myself since last patch, but I have a fast computer and stable cable connection with low latency.

    Now playing with CPU's is no fun, but having to quit the game and not being able to play at all and loosing Karma and ELO is even worse especially if it is not my fault since I am still connected to the server.

  • I agree, happens all the time to me. No option but to exit game and lose ELO.

  • Yeah we've lost ton o Elo because you can't fix your server.
    Thank you very much!

  • @clmn i completely agree its so annoying

  • Same in Germany and in the German version. 7 -8 times in a row today. :-1:

  • I agree, happens all the time to me. No option but to exit game and lose ELO.

  • Same here. Happens about 50% of the games. No option but to exit game and lose ELO.

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