"Game Cancelled. You were kicked from the last game"

  • All,

    Exozet developed the game through United Soft Media. Since they're not listening to us on here, then I suggest sending your issues directly to them on the emails below:



  • 2 times in a row just now

  • There was a bad connection by someone in the game, the game has ended. #crap

  • Same issue last several days - tying to play season game but Elo keeps going down because 75% of games end up stuck or I get kicked though I don’t loose connection.

  • @Don.J - Saw a message from Admin, they are mostly on vacation and nobody cares...... What a sore state this is..... going down down down ..... I expected more from German quality.

  • @Fortuna Help by spamming my message in the front page. You can send a ticket to their support team too, so do that also:


  • Kicked again x4 times. No reasonable reason why >>>ELO not looking good :( @Developers why is this a continual problem??

    Was thinking...why do you not have 2 options when accepting the kick. 1 for OK (currently no other option) & 2: No and give a reason option. This might help maybe with future development. @Developers @administrators... I know I do keep coming back to feedback....but isn't this how a business grows?

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