"Game Cancelled. You were kicked from the last game"

  • Hi All, Just wondering if anyone else is having the same problem.

    1. Join a game
    2. Start to play (in the selection phase)
    3. Game ends as someone leaves
    4. Start new game
    5. Get message that "Game Cancelled. You were kicked from the last game".

    I never even had a chance to have my go (internet fine). This has happened ~ 10 times now to me in the past 2 days @Developers

  • This keeps happening to me repeatedly and my Elo has completely dumped due to leaving when the circle of death is just spinning and spinning. It never times out, Not sure what do??? Is there customer support somewhere?

  • @SoLeX I have added the developers into my message. So fingers crossed that they reply! Same here for my ELO stats...not overly concerned personally as I only play now & then but for others who play regularly...it is not fair.

  • @Developers @Moderators @administrators Could this issue be addressed asap please?

  • Me too. And now I can’t get on at all. I guess the server is down?

  • @Nyte_ @Developers Happens a lot. Either I get kicked myself, or one of my fellow players. Especially in 4 player games.

  • Hi all, have been away for ~ 4wks. Honestly, this is the worst I have seen this issue & I have been playing on & off for quite a few yrs. Something is def different @Developers. I am struggling to understand the same excuse being used for years (from CU) that you are unable to retroactively restore your "clients" ELO's because it will effect other players. Well it should effect them if they are not taking their turn / stalling / cheating etc.

  • Just played 2 games for the first time this week. Was waiting for my turn (my internet is fine) & was kicked out both times...hmmmm. My rant for the end of a long week ;) Merry Xmas to all xx

  • This is ridiculous. The last 5 games I played I either had to quit or I got kicked out after restarting the catanuniverse app to see if that would fix it.

    This is kind of unacceptable since we have to pay for the game... I've been having this issue for more than a month.

    I think the problem is the Turn Timer; It does not work. At the placement phase, somebody will go AFK and the turn timer runs out of time, and the person doesn't get kicked out. It just freezes.

    Therefore, I think the developers need to fix this ASAP. Nobody plays on their free time for this. There are way too many bugs with this new interface. I wish we could just return to Playcatan when bugs didnt exist.

  • I have been having this issue for at least a month! Today it was 4 games before I could play. What is the deal? So frustrating!! Fix it!!

  • Stuck in the second placement of a game right now....I am going to put a comment every time it happens.

  • I have been kicked at least 15 times in last 3days due to placement freeze. My elo has tanked. Its irritating because my other games play fine and my internet is good, so what the problem?

  • Bump, just happen 3 times in a row to me.

  • Kicked again... no human players left

  • Game canceled...you were kicked from the last game

  • same here :(

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