Game freezing on one player

  • I've started 4 games this morning. The first game froze on the third player and the timer just ran and ran and ran and ran and ran leaving the rest of us no choice but to quit the game all the while being told that if we quit the game we will lost eELO. When I stared the second game just after setting up I was told I was kicked from the last game and I instantly became an AI player. After two more unsuccessful attempts because of other player freezing. I gave up for awhile. Only to come back and start the same process over again. All of this has been pretty consistent with day to day play since the last update. HELP!

  • Isn't it lovely? I emailed support and was told that the developers were aware of the bug. I left the game open for 21 hours, trying to get them to shut down that table, so that I wouldn't lose Elo. I was told they cannot.

    I am a software developer, and I have to say that this piece of software (P.O.S.) is pathetic, which is too bad, because it's such an awesome game with HUGE potential!

    If you have ever played online poker, they have solved all of these sorts of problems 2 decades ago. It's not that difficult to setup a multiplayer game table, with people moving in and out (or never showing at all). Imagine sitting down at a poker table, putting your $200 down, and then having to forfeit the entire game (and your $200) because the one guy at the table that isn't actually there wins everyone's money!

    I have lost about 40-50 Elo points over the last week, due to this bug alone. I now have to leave the table up, just so that I can get second place after the other player realizes that I'm NEVER going to shut down. A second place loss/quit is a whole lot better than 3rd. Even so, after this happens 20 times or so, you're just never going to be lucky enough to make up the points that you have to forfeit, even if your play is perfect.

  • I am having the exact same problem, how do I email support???

  • I am so fed up with this. I have lost so much ELO from games where the player fails to place a settlement on the first turn, then everyone else is forced to leave the game. PLEASE FIX THIS!!!!!!

  • facing the same issues. Not sure on when the developer will fix this. Losing the interest on this game. Almost every game freezes.

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