Kicktimer & AI

  • Hello,

    The following scenario happened three times in the last 2 hours:

    The game starts, and the person who is first to place goes AFK. The Kicktimer for the person who went AFK expires. Once the kicktimer for that person expires, they remain in the game and the AI doesn't take it's place. The game just stays stuck with whoever is not AFK.

    This is a problem, because each time I have to quit the game, and that affects the ELO.

    Please fix this seing as it takes the fun away from online catan.


  • Just came back from another session of being stuck in a game where we couldn't even set the pieces to start...

    And YES once I wanted to exit the game because it was stuck I get the message that if I wish to exit i will get affected...given the fact that this happened to me at least 20 times until now, mi ELO dropped to under 900...for the overall stats but especially for the turnament

    Here is a summary of the issues that me and a whole other players (i've talked with other players on the chat...seems like that's the only feature that always works...the chat) are facing both on the mobile and browser parts:

    60-70% of the times, upon the start of the game one of the players will exceed the timer of placing his/her pieces at which point...the game doesn't switch to just freezes...if you try to exit and log back in, the timer for the same player will restart only to freez once again
    Best part of it is that if you exit, it will register your action as abandoning the game at it will decrease your ELO with at least 10

    sometimes at the beginning of the game an AI will place a settlement at a ONE ROAD distance from another settlement (why not...while you guys are at it, might as well create new rules)

    if you quit a game (moat of the times due to the first issue i've listed) there's a 90% chance that the next 2 games you'll attempt to take part in...WILL KICK YOU OUT ( the game just tells you that you were kicked out...and that's the end of it) BUT hold on...your ELO will still be decreased just like you quit the game

    30% of the time, you'll get kicked out of a game while you're in the middle of it (very frustrating)

    I know it's the hollydays guys but given the fact that we pay for the platform, there should always be someone available to answer and fix issues like these...I bet everything works just fine in the "STORE" part of the game...didn't experience any issues paying for the patches or purchasing scrolls

    You guys like having members and a big player community, give us what we pay for... and would be very nice of you guys to return my ELO to at least 1050 for turnament and overall gameplay...I worked for it

    The fact that the issues listed above have been ongoing for at least a couple of weeks is not only unprofessional but a total lack of respect twords the customers and your online reputation

    Please fix the bugs

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