• I lost more than 100 Elos in the last couple of days. Thanks for

    1. Not listening to our feedbacks
    2. Thanks for not fixing the bugs
    3. Thanks for not responding to my earlier posts
    4. Thanks for passing the buck (Browser to Steam and then Steam to Browser...)
    5. Thanks for being incompetent.


    YOU GUYS ARE AMAZING! Keep it up...

  • You guys took the compliment too seriously I guess... Well let me tell you the above is not a compliment...

    You guys have shittiest game @Developers . And you have @Moderators and @administrators who are stuck between us and the those shittiest game developers. I can't even blame the administrators or the moderators. I mean seriously what can they do?

    I loose at least 20 Elos daily. And today I am horrified.... 7 frozen games!!!!


    Note: I love this game so I keep coming back to it but at the same time I would recommend people not to buy this online game. Go buy a board game. If you still want to buy the online version then be my guest but then don't tell me that I did not warn you...

    I will not be posting in this thread again. It pains me when I come here...

  • It is pretty incredible, just installed the latest version and so far 4 out 4 games won’t get going.

    You guys should just start from scratch on the online part as it is pretty bad really and that is putting it nice

  • administrators

    @myp51 which platform are you currently playing on?

  • So there was this update for iphone, and i am now losing even more elo than before on stuck games... this is so silly...

  • Exozet developed the game. Since they're not listening to us on here, then I suggest sending your issues directly to them on the emails below. Also, if you click on the first link, you can then provide a message in sending it directly to support as a ticket! Bombarding them with these will help notify the team, I hope:




    This is their What's App too ---- +49 171 490 54 38

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