Dice rolls

  • Two things about the computer dice rolls.
    I just played a game where there were 73 dice rolls and zero fours were rolled. I question whether in the history of six sided dice 73 rolls were ever made consecutively with 0-4s being rolled.
    The second thing has to do with dice rolls after the robber is placed. It defies probability the number of times that the number is rolled on which the robber was just placed on the very next roll, even if it is a three or 11. Sometimes the same number will be rolled three times in a row immediately after the robberies placed on it. If someone has programmed this into the computer then the rules are not random and it should be taken out.

  • Almost 2 times out of Million game without a 4. So, it could happen.

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    @DomerSnake @wessi1234 Here is someone from Stanford who had his fun with this little math "experiment".


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