Lost so much ELO.....

  • I’ve lost so much ELO the last week I’m not even sure it’s worth trying to recover and I’m about to lose 10 more ELO because the game is stuck on the first player to lay down a house. The rest of us will have to leave and lose ELO because it will sit on him forever.
    Ideas? How can we recover our ELO from all these types of games? I used to be 1160 and now I’m 1014 largely due to hung up games or games unexpectedly ending.
    Very disappointing.

  • @administrators what is being done to recover lost ELO due to these issues? we can sit in a match indefinitely. if we don't leave the broken match, then we can't play but we continually lose ELO for "leaving early."

  • They’re VERY aware of their bugs. These things have been reported for months. Instead they’d prefer to release “seasons” and other variants so they can charge $.

    They get zero $ for fixing their current garbage game.

  • The same her, can do nothing, the Game is frozen by the purple Player, we wait over 20 min.
    I will play? I MUST leave and i lost ELO.


  • So annoying. I just recovered the Grand Master level, but lost it straight away due to this problem

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