Stupid AI!!!

  • AI robbed me twice in a row despite me being on 6 points (with no dev cards) and another player on 9 points. Can your shitty development team please explain this behavior?

  • @huangcq They should change the priority for the AI player... He prefers to build a road instead of winning the game and for this he should have a program to not let the leading player win. They forgot to implement in the AI player the most important thing in the game, to win hahaha.

  • @huangcq You are right. The AI :alien: plays for second place, instead of first. That´s why it targets the weaker :gun: instead of the stronger player. This goes against the spirit of the Catan, and disrupts the natural balance of the game. That´s why everyone hates the AI so much. :angry:

  • @Rumpelstilzchen That is what I suspect, but then that means the AI is too smart because usually that's the kind of judgement humans make.

  • There were 3 players with 3 points and one player with 8 points. Almost every time a 7 is rolled, the AI placed the robber on the players with 3 points and robs from them. This happens on a regular basis. The fix seems so simple: Increase the chances the AI targets the player in the lead!

    Players have been complaining about this for years. I can only assume the devs don't care.

  • I agree with all the above. it's just a really poorly developed game. which is a shame because it has a lot of potential. you'd think with the billions in sales from the board game they could pay a decent developer team to make this app, but they went with the cheap route and made a piece of crap instead.

    They got my money, so I guess it's paying off.

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