Multiplayer crashing and Ore for Whool map not random

  • Hi,

    I bought the base game of Catan Universe on November 15th 2019 on googleplay and there is a lot of issues that makes me doubt the quality of the game. For your information I'm playing on a Chromebook (Lenovo N42). Afer playing, I saw that those issues has been reported over and over again since 2016 but considering that I have the same bugs in 2019, it makes me fear that I invested my money with the wrong developpers.

    Here are the biggest bugs:

    1- The multiplayer with random players seems to crash pretty much all the time and here are some of the problems that keep happening over and over again (sometimes 4 times in a row):

    • Players or AI freeze or get stuck in an eternal search without getting kicked out after the time allowed for a turn has ended.
    • Internet connection for other players seems to stop working 90% of the time and therefore they are replace by AI or the game gets canceled.
    • Myself getting replace by AI while playing and telling me after that, that the game has been canceled and therefore losing karma stars.

    I've played around 4 times in multiplayers with random players ''without'' a major problem and I tried to play multiplayer with random players about 20 times but a major bug made it impossible to play.

    Thus, I'm playing solo against the computer most of the time because of the nightmare of playing multiplayer with random people (didn't have the opportunity of playing with people I know, more than thrice, but even then, one of those time, the game froze on an AI player trying to put its first colony on someone's game (on my side everything was ok) and sometimes an internet connectivity problem appeared on this person game, even though we played on the same internet connection at 40Mbits/s).

    2- The map for the scenario ''Ore for Whool'' is always the same. The ressource tiles and the numbers on top of them are always at the same place no matter if the ''Random map'' option has been chosen or not (I've tried unselecting the option and reselecting it but to no avail). I've been playing over 10 times on the same map.

    3- Once I quit the game, I have to restart my chromebook if I want to play it again or the game will not start.

    Please fix those major bugs as soon as possible.

    Thank you


    P.S. Sorry for the spelling, english is my second language.

  • " it makes me fear that I invested my money with the wrong developpers. "

    You are absolutely right !