Shame on you!

  • @administrators
    In 48 hours I turn from a diamond player with 5 karma stars to a silver one with 3 stars.
    I was kicked off from a least 10 matches, and I didn't switch to another tub, and my connection is perfect. Shame on you!
    I would never pay for this game again, it is a waist of money.
    Please find programmers that know how to do their jobs.

  • I think they have stopped replying to us, i managed to play twice in the last two days, my ELO was 1226 i am now at 1064, have not got a explanation or apology, they try to blame me and are trying to get me to use STEAM, i will try again later on today but i can't find the way to log into a game via STEAM

  • It's the same with me. First the game kicks you out and punishes you. Plus, the garbage algorithm will punish you even further as hypothesized in

  • @Turquoise-Warrior I play on steam. :dash: My other game runs smoothly there, never a problem. But as you can read in my countless posts, Catan on steam still has :bug: bugs. It is more reliable than playing by browser, but I still get kicked or freeze during some games. Recently, I cannot run my radio :mute:on the browser in the background anymore while playing Catan.. It seems Catan now needs a lot of data :floppy_disk: volume, not clear why.

  • I’m in the same situation 1150+ ELO and now down to 1025 with being kicked out of a game or having the game perpetually stuck on someone forever and having to leave. Pleas respond Catan!

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