Shame on you!

  • @administrators
    In 48 hours I turn from a diamond player with 5 karma stars to a silver one with 3 stars.
    I was kicked off from a least 10 matches, and I didn't switch to another tub, and my connection is perfect. Shame on you!
    I would never pay for this game again, it is a waist of money.
    Please find programmers that know how to do their jobs.

  • I think they have stopped replying to us, i managed to play twice in the last two days, my ELO was 1226 i am now at 1064, have not got a explanation or apology, they try to blame me and are trying to get me to use STEAM, i will try again later on today but i can't find the way to log into a game via STEAM

  • It's the same with me. First the game kicks you out and punishes you. Plus, the garbage algorithm will punish you even further as hypothesized in

  • @Turquoise-Warrior I play on steam. :dash: My other game runs smoothly there, never a problem. But as you can read in my countless posts, Catan on steam still has :bug: bugs. It is more reliable than playing by browser, but I still get kicked or freeze during some games. Recently, I cannot run my radio :mute:on the browser in the background anymore while playing Catan.. It seems Catan now needs a lot of data :floppy_disk: volume, not clear why.

  • I’m in the same situation 1150+ ELO and now down to 1025 with being kicked out of a game or having the game perpetually stuck on someone forever and having to leave. Pleas respond Catan!

  • @Laserlor I gave up on reputation and elo when the software is so horrifically riddled with bugs what difference does it all make.

    For me this issue has persisted for 6 months.

  • Same here. My Connection is perfect. PLay on Stzeam. The purple Player has no reaction. We wait since 20 Minutes in a Season Game...
    I leave = Lost ELo and Stars. I waiting = nothing ...

  • And the next bug. The game ends. You regularly return to the start screen and get the message: You have been removed from the game. And no reaction from administrators or developers to the bugs, some of which have been known for years.

    As long as you make money, you don't care about the players ...

  • Correct. They should shut this entire game down. Fix the client/server interface and launch it with everything fixed.

    Patching it has done nothing. They either don’t care or are complete incompetents.

    From what I’ve seen it’s a lack of competence and a focus on revenue. That will completely destroy this game and community.

  • Hit up to help push the messages along. They need to be listening to us and improve on this game. There's so much potential.

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