I am getting kicked out of the game constantly.

  • I am on the browser version and since the last update I barely catch a game to play. I know that I should not change the tabs and I am not doing it but it is still not working. I have noticed that when the time that another player has for its turn ends, after a few time I am also getting the message that I am kicked out from the game.... All these made me lose my score and karma...

  • @administrators the same thing happens to me. I can not make it throguht initial placement (Europe, PC, only one open browser - Firefox)

    I received a message that that game was cancelled. But then received a message that I was kicked off from the game.

  • Erste Sahne, ihr catanuniverse-Dilettanten! Wie wollt ihr mich je als zahlenden Kunden gewinnen, wenn ich seit Monaten hier nur Verschlimmbesserungen erlebe?
    Das heute ist die Krönung. Wie die beiden Vorredner bin auch ich heute nicht in der Lage, auch nur ein einziges Spiel zu spielen. Ich werde während der Platzierungsphase nach ca. 5 Minuten Inaktivität eines Mitspielers aus dem Spiel geworfen. - Jedes einzelne Mal.
    Wenn ihr mit Browser-Spielern nicht zurechtkommt, warum bietet ihr das Browser-Spiel dann an?
    Ich vermisse die alte Teubner-Catan-Version aus tiefstem Herzen!

  • I start putting houses down , then it says that I was kicked from the last game and for me to push okay. I did not even start the game. Sometimes it will say that as soon as I login and have not even played a game yet. I will start a game and then it will turn all the people into AI so that I can not play the game. What is going on?? Please fix it or else I am going to insist on my money back. I also have had the game take stars away from me when the canceled game came on . Fix it or else I will never play this game again! It’s crap and don’t know why you will not let me play, this is really making me mad! I will want my money back if you do not fix it for me right now.

  • Banned

    This post is deleted!

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