Game ended

  • Sinds new update the game suddenly ends in the middle of a game, with no warning. It just getting stuc and i have to find out to type something in the chat to see the game is ended. I play in Google Chrome browser. No problems before. grzz, Han

  • i had the same issue at the first two games i played in the browser after the last update. i was able to place the settlements but after it just "freezed". i wrote a chat message and got a pop-up-message "the game has ended". this happened at two games in a row - same issue.

  • Same ...this has happened in about my last 5 games... someone seems to use up all their time, then it doesn't replace them with AI.... if you type something it says 'This Game has ended' ...but you can't get out of game without exit and losing ELO points ...I lost about 30 ELO points from these games alone :(

  • A new version playable via the browser has been released. The issues should significantly decrease. Thank you all for your patience and feedback.

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