every game I play gets frozen.

  • i get in the game. and a some point the game freezes.an error mesg comes up and says "this game has ended". I have to CTL/ALT/DEL to get out of the game. it tells me i was kicked out of the game and i lose 10 ELO points every time. this started a few days ago. I can not play a full game. please help!

  • @Hawkeye6969 Happening to me, too!

  • i am being kicked as well and honestly i never found out the reasons, and gets frozen as well and says match has ended to me too

  • Are you playing the browser version?

  • Yes. I do not change screens or leave in any way. This has just started in the last week. I have heard a lot of players are having the same issues.

  • @Hawkeye6969 Me too, also browser version and no change in windows.

  • me too. using browser version. also noticed that i was updated from version 1.82 to 1.83. didn't notice when it actually happened.

  • Mr. Administrator, please fix this!

  • Same ...this has happened in about my last 5 games... someone seems to use up all their time, then it doesn't replace them with AI.... if you type something it says 'This Game has ended' ...but you can't get out of game without exit and losing ELO points ...I lost about 30 ELO points from these games alone

  • And me too, 2 minutes ago - 10 points down, today 30 points - thank you admin :(

  • right- I forgot to add what oleander just mentioned, that when i type a message trying to find out why there is a delay I get a message that the game has ended.

  • Me too. Almost every game, it freezes then i get kicked out. You used (sometimes) to be able to get it going again by closing down the browser window, then re-entering - but now you seem to get kicked out for trying that. My ELO has collapsed. The game is becoming unplayable.

  • @joeybones4 This has happened to me in five of the last six games I have played...the game freezes.

    I am using browser - firefox

    This has destroyed my ELO score.

    Can anyone help?

  • It is obvious that you have changed something in the last few days. The game is failing in Chrome, in MS Edge, in Firefox. It did not happen with the change to 1.83. Fix it. Stop dropping ELO points until you fix it. Keep us updated.

  • Same for me, often at the very start.

    Turn timer runs out and just freezes, no AI kicks in and no one kicked, just have to quit and lose Elo. It’s really frustrating at the moment, been like it since the crap update a few weeks back.

  • @Administrator said:

    Are you playing the browser version?

    This is happening on ios too, your browser assumption is wrong, it’s happening across all platforms.

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