Game Cancelled - NEW BUG?

  • This is the 2nd time the game was cancelled. Lot of my time was invested. Why cancel and not award the game to me as it has been done for so long????? Or is this a new BUG?

  • administrators

    @SiddharthRout Are you playing in the browser?

  • It is happening to me, in Firefox and Chrome don't even work. I lost all my karma stars

  • @Administrator I'm having the exact same problem. I've posted about it in another thread, but in short, this bug keeps hitting and it's costing a ton of ELO. I've lost almost 40 points today despite winning 3 games and losing 1. Can you please fix this and please correct the unwarranted ELO losses.

  • This has happened to me three games in a row. Firefox 70, corporate ethernet

  • It's happening every game to me - rarely do we even get beyond placing our first settlements.

  • @Administrator I have also been actively playing in the Firefox browser, not switching tabs or leaving the game, and get continue to get kicked out.

  • I was kicked out of half a dozen games tonight, literally every game I played. At least one said "Game canceled, no other human players left" but I could watch the other players still playing. It seemed like whenever ever I switched tabs to check the news While I waited on other players to finish placing or take their turn it happened way more often. I don't believe I've ever been kicked from so many simultaneous games before, and I play almost every day.

  • More than 10 games stalled out with the "this match has ended" message, please restore lost karma and points.

  • @Administrator Yes: Chrome

  • And Again!!!!

    HOLY COW!!! Just noticed.... Lost lot of ELO!!!!!!!

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    @SiddharthRout is it possible for you to maybe use the STEAM version of the game?

  • Same for me. I have lost 50 ELO points at least. And I don't want to check again because it will make me sad... Playing on Chrome on a Mac. Not changing screens.
    I tried to use Steam before it didn't work... So have to play on the browser.

  • @Administrator I can but is that the best solution that you have?

    I code for Microsoft Windows so if I face a problem should I ask my users to use MAC? :)

    Please get it fixed it if you can. I will not play in the browser till this is fixed. Currently can you re-imburse everyone who lost elos with "elos" and not scrolls? Say around 50 elos? I lost around 45 elos till now because of this bug... :(

  • This continues to happen to me THREE DAYS IN A ROW... either an AI just takes over for me (I only know because I ask in Chat and find out that they are still playing and I just can't see any movement) OR, the "game is cancelled".

    Meanwhile, I've lost scrolls and Karma stars!

    What is going on?????

  • @administrators

    Started playing in steam as you suggested above and the game is hung...

    Now what?

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