Auto match isn't matching

  • For the past several days everytime I try to auto match with other players it hasn't worked. At all. It will say it is searching for other players. Sometimes it will say it has found 1 player (I'm assuming that's me?), but it will never go past that and connect to a game. I choose all scenarios so it should put me in any open games...

  • I have the same problem! So i used my scroll for nothing :-(

  • administrators

    Best contact our support team via regarding this issue. Please also include in the email the device you are using. Our team will do their best to resolve the issue as fast as possible for you.

  • Hello wondering if you can help me, i just got Kicked Out of three games, the games had not started, we never finished the Placements, i was told i had Kick Timer on me right from the start, the impact on the ELO was dramatic, this is not cool, can you do something about it? Regards

  • administrators

    @Turquoise-Warrior Are you playing via the browser?

  • I have the same problem for a couple of days

  • Same issue..logged in via browser...first time somone tries to place a city games hangs,, post a message a popup appears saying game ended. Only option is to quit game and loose ELO. It happens every game. Will try again in a few days. If not sorted wont be coming back.

  • sometimes it happens during the game on KI's turn, too.

  • Yesterday the browser game was fine, now I can build up my ELO again.
    But today auto match is not possible...

  • Dear @administrators just so that you know: for a while Browser what OK. But around midnight CET (could be around 6 p.m. Eastern coast time). the issue reapeard again.

    Please keep inform us about each delivery. Attempts cost me so many ELO points. I am on the halfway from gramdmaster to brazen. Playing outside of browser is not an option for me. I am OK with not playing for a while. But I would like to ask for red and green lights from you. I think it is a reasonable claim.

  • I agree, wildrose. And just right now, Browser game is again not working.

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