Loosing ELO because of bugs

  • Game connection bugs or bad connection from opponents make the game to end.
    No problem with that, but why am i loosing ELO points for that?!!?
    I am more and more pissed off with all the problems i see in this game and think about stopping to play.
    Suppory, if your read this, how to get back all the point i have lost?

  • I am loosing elo points too. The other game left the game, and my elo points are going down down down. How is this possible? I did loose about 20 points in 5 games now :O

  • I asked via support ticket and the ELO is not coming back.

    They don't even have a solution for that.

    This is what they told me:

    "I am very sorry. I can understand you very well in this case, but unfortunately, we can not make retroactive changes in the Elo system for fundamental reasons.

    This is because the corresponding Elo numbers immediately play a subsequent role in the next game (because the two Elo numbers of the players directly influence the changes to the Elo numbers after the game).
    If I were to change an Elo number now, then (in extreme cases) any number of other Elo numbers would have to be changed as well.
    This is theoretically mathematically possible, but it is difficult for the players affected to see why their Elo numbers simply change. The only practical solution is to make no subsequent changes"

  • This is not impossible. They just do not have a good enough system to do retroactive ELO recalculations. BoardGameArena has a good system in place and people do not complain if their ELO is retroactively changed. And they also have thousands of games being played daily.

  • Thanks for sharing the explanation from support.
    Let say their system is crap and does not permit to correct the problem.
    BUT at least i would expect an answer telling the bug will be fixed, ie when a game ends because of another players, one should not lose elo, but get some instead while the faulty player lose his elo.

  • This is server for idiots. 2 games, after 2 minuts "were kicked" and 20 points down. Thank you admin!!

  • Whaouuu !!! go down from 1111 ELO to 1068 after a single game stucked during the initialization !!!
    So happy with that !!!

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