First Build Frozen Forever

  • Several times I have had this issue : First player never makes any movement or builds a settement. Turn timer runs out. Nothing else happens.

    Refreshing doesn't help. (Other present players all refresh too.) No communication from the frozen player. Eventually, all players leave. I am the only player still there. Hours later, the game is still frozen on the first player.

    I either have to leave or it kicks me out when I turn off my computer at the end of the day. Losing karma unfairly...

  • @Kindness Same here... they should separate the platforms or stop the ELO and Karma until they fix those bugs! @administrators

  • did anyone ever help you?

  • Nope, and I just logged back in to see.

    Actually, I've also been told that people are using the bug to scam. The "frozen" player just waits longer than all the other players so they can get the ELO. I have been testing this by whisperchatting to the person. One person responded, but claimed he was frozen. I said, "If you refresh, you show that you are legitimately trying to play. If not, I know you are a scammer and I will report you." Sure enough, he refreshed and the game continued. Now today, another player is shown to be online with whisperchat.... I did the same tactic, but he never replied or refreshed. I turned off my sleep mode on my computer, left for work, and came back 6 hours later... it says he's still online! I've just been blocking these people and reporting them so at least they can't scam me more than once.

  • New variation... Stuck on builder. . whisperchat shows them online but no response
    Other player and I both refresh... We can see each other's 2 builds but there are no settlements for frozen player. Other player has the same view (2 builds for her and me, none for frozen)
    I spin and play. Frozen player times out, nothing happens
    I refresh second time but only after a few seconds (not due to timeout) it says I've been kicked.

  • I experienced the same. Stuck/abuse possibilities seems too be many e.g. ai asks for a trade and not everybody answers. Turntimer/Kicktimer should be checked

    As well it shouldn't be a standard procedure for players to restart/refresh the program to overcome frozen issues.

  • It's still happening daily on steam as well... @administrators couldn't the developers just downgrade the game version, until they fix the upgrade? The freezing didn't exist before.

  • @administrators don't respond. That means there isn't a solution to this bug which kills the integrity of the game. It's really quite sad.

  • Two times for me as well in the building phase of a 4 player c&k game yesterday.

    I tried to whisper to the frozen players but they were offline.

  • This means that all players loose ELO, which is not normal, because the last should win. Since more then 2 weeks, in the frozen games, all players loose.

  • still happening

    when quitting, there should be an option to report a bug

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