Bug report and connection issues

  • Hey guys! First, I love Catan. Thanks for bringing this to the mobile platform. That being said, I’ve only had your game on the IPhone XR for about a week, and I’ve experienced many bugs and connection issues (as outlined below).

    The first bug I experienced was today. I laid a settlement on a 6/3/4 placement on wood, ore, and sheep respectively. It was my second of two starting settlements. It laid the settlement down, but prompted me to place my road on another area of the map, on a 6/4/desert space, with the 6 on brick and the 4 on wheat. When I placed my road across the map, someone else placed their settlement within one space of my roadless settlement as if it wasn’t there. Soon after, the game kicked me out.

    Since I’ve downloaded the game, I have had trouble getting into multiplayer matches. There is always connection issues with other players and myself. I have very fast internet at my home and have great connection, so I don’t believe it’s on my end, but as recent as this morning, I haven’t been able to join a single game and I’ve been booted from many of them. In most cases, it will be another persons turn, and their timer will run out and spin indefinitely. I’ve sat and waiting for sometimes 5 minutes. Regardless of how long I wait or if I wait, when I close the app and try to return to the game, it says I’ve been kicked. I’ve also tried following the prompt “would you like to return to your game?”, but when I click yes it doesn’t do anything.

    I will be incredibly grateful for anything you can do to resolve these issues. I love the game and recently bought gold to unlock all of the expansions. It would be a lot more fun if I could actually play them.

    Chris (MusicMan0510)

  • In addition to this, I’ve gone from 4-start Karma down time 1-star. Is there anyway to restore that karma back?

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