Bug Report - Simulatenous Event Handling

  • Playing a single player game of the fog islands variant vs 3 AI players.
    I had a strength 2 knight activated and there were also two other strength 1 knights activated.
    A strength 2 barbarian was also in position to attack when the next black ship was rolled.
    I was holding 8 resource cards.
    I rolled a 7 and the barbarian alsoadvanced to the attack spot.
    The barbarian attack messages and animations played out as expected and was resolved.
    I briefly saw the Defender of Catan message at the end as I had the highest value of knight(s).
    It disappeared almost instantly however.
    Then the Discard Resources event instantly began from the simultaneous bandit attack event that triggered during my turn.
    The discard dialogue functioned properly and I discarded the four resources.
    Then I was only able to continue my turn actions and conclude my turn.
    BUG: two things did not occur:

    1. I did not get the dialogue to choose a card of one of the three types.
    2. I did not get the dialogue to place the robber and steal a resource.

  • administrators

    @Khromag Thank you very much for the detailed description of the issue. I´ll forward it to our QA team for them to try to reproduce it.

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