Player won't go past turn time BUG

  • @administrators Any chance you can fix this bug which effects 15-25% of games?

    Its very annoying to start a game and have a player not make a move thereby forcing you to quit. A simple solution is: allowing players to quit with no penalty before the board is set or allowing two players to kick a third if it's past that players turn timer expiry.

    Obviously no system will be perfect, but either of these is a much better alternative to having one player ruin the game for the other two.


  • @joeDisc0 If a player exceeds the allowed time :hourglass_flowing_sand: to make a move, the AI takes over :alien: this turn, places the settlements :house: or passes on the dice. :game_die: If this happens 3 times, the player gets kicked :boom: from the game automatically. Maybe this programming malfunctions :wrench: for you, but usually it works. So you should contact support, to find out why it does not work correctly in your case.

  • @Rumpelstilzchen

    The problem isn’t his alone. Mine has been doing this as well, and many players have commented in the forums that this is a bug that you can take advantage of. It’s seems that the AI isn’t taking the turns and the timer gets stuck.

  • @Rumpelstilzchen Look:

    The games freezes...

  • It does seem like people take advantage of this HOWEVER i've also noticed that from player 1's POV, the game is stuck on player 2; from player 2's POV, the game is stuck on player 1; etc. Just seems that if you want ELO or other game rankings to be valid, there has to be a way to account for these broken games.

    95% of the time this happens before the board is set. Once game play starts, there is hardly every this gets stuck on a player issue. So simple solution, imo, is dont count games before the board is set. Obviously someone could take advantage of this....but i think most people think they can win regardless of initial position.

    @administrators thanks

  • @joeDisc0 That's why the so claimed option of the majority of the players to decide (after some specific time) to kick the one who freezes the game, would be perfect. This was an old feature in PlayCatan which, us, the players used very much and asked for it in CU, but was denied like most of our preferences. A machine will never be better then the human mind. So many bugs would be avoided.

  • @P3tra Yes, if humans :girl: could decide, it would be so much better. It would also be good if we could allow a player to re-enter after he had to be kicked. If we know the player or there was obviously no abuse intended, :innocent: we want to continue the game.

  • Games getting stuck more and more frequent now it seems. 80% of the time restart and rejoin works, but the most annoying thing is now occasionally even if you rejoin in time you get something like "you or someone else has left the game..." and then get booted, AND your ELO got deducted 3 or 4 points. WTF?! This game is getting buggier both in terms of frequency and variety. Good job development and testing team. Truely award winning stuff.

  • Games are definitely getting stuck more and more, and the support and dev team are getting their heads stuck deeper and deeper in the sand. I think they've given up.

  • I've been kicked out or the game has frozen about 8 of the last 10 times I've played. This is not a networking issue on my side. I really like Catan, but I am done with the crappy implementation of Catan Universe. I don't care so much that my ELO has dropped about 200 points by getting kicked out for no reason, I just hate getting to the middle of the game an then having it end because of stupid bugs.

    Maybe I will check back in a month or two .

  • This issue or bug is effecting me big time. I have had this game for a while and been playing it through my scrolls until recently I bought the expansion and now I wish I hadn’t. I would love if they can fix this otherwise money back please.
    It’s either the game starts and a play failed to make his placement even though their time is up and we can not kick or drop them or ‘can’t reach server’ thing pops up when “auto matching”.
    Tried whispering the player but it says they are offline.

    I have lost over 100 ELO pts already over this. Even though I don’t really care about the points, but the problem is that I can’t even play the game. I’m currently working in Japan and between 8pm- 8am is unplayable.

  • Just had the exact same thing happen to me. The third player just never placed their settlement, and the timer just never expired. I waited for half an hour and had to quit the game in the end. Lost out on points for no fault of mine at all. Extremely frustrating!

    Just wanted to have a fun game of Catan, what a downer.

  • @Mickyv11 This bug :bug: is well known, but it is not the player who is at fault. S/he is already stuck or kicked :boom: and cannot react. All you can do is leave the game and loose points. :unamused:
    I know that is very frustrating, :angry: but to keep waiting is just a waste of time. :snail:

  • @Rumpelstilzchen The problem is the system doesn't always work. The turn timer runs out and the game is frozen indefinitely. I've left a game open for hours to see if something would eventually happen. AI never takes over.
    I've whisperchatted and sometimes the player is online (in another game) and other times they are offline.

  • @joeDisc0
    I even had the AI player stop playing the one time which was extremely frustrating.
    So now I am
    Picking up the penalties for quitting the games which is not fair and why can’t they fix it instead of telling us to go elsewhere.

    So very very annoying and frustrating.


  • @Kindness Yes, sometimes you can still chat while the game is stuck, and find out that who´s turn it really is. When you can refresh within the time frame, the game can move on. But sometimes you get kicked, or you cannot re-enter.

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