• This is the worst until yet...

    @administrators @Developers
    Look until the end, you won`t believe... What profession do the testers have?!

    P.S. lost about 40 ELO today like this... but I know, you never have a solution for that.

  • administrators

    @P3tra Thank you very much for your feedback. I forwarded the video to our developers to the can take a look at it. This must be a rare issue and it never happened in the over 150 matches we tested for the 1.8.3 release

  • @Administrator

    I’ve put a post in the help section, but this is what my game did. I’m on IPhone.

  • @Administrator This is another bug that happens daily after the last update:

    After every restart, it is happening the same... and the other players have to quit the game. Couldn't you just separate the platforms until the bug are solved? Steam with steam, phones with phones and so on? There no way we can play...

  • @Administrator
    It happens in Cities and Knights too... Only the bot doesn't offer trades. It just gets stuck on trades and every time you refresh it offers the same trades and then just goes frozen again.

  • administrators

    @P3tra We did manage to find an issue regarding passing the turn properly. Our Devs are currently working on the issue. Thank you very much for helping us with you feedback and videos.

  • @Administrator Thank you!

  • Dear @Administrator

    I am on version 1.8.3. PC, Europe. Today I tried to strat a game 4 times. I never overcame the initial placement. Two of those results were not all bad, because the games was cancelled. But in other two cases the system kicked me off shortly after my initial placement. I presume those are loses, right?

  • @Administrator is there going to be a fix for the ELO losses?

    I've gone from 1200 done to 1130 today. That represents MONTHS of game play trying to work up for grandmaster. This is honestly very upsetting.

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