Catan Universe 1.8.2 Hotfix-Progress

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    Dear Catanians,
    as many of you have noticed, the latest update 1.8.2 had issues on the live servers that severely affected your gameplay experience. This happened even after intensive internal testing before release. None of these issues were present on the testing systems but only affected the live systems. Both we and the development team are truly unhappy about this and have been working on identifying, fixing, testing and updating the systems immediately after the patch day.
    By now we have identified some of these issues to be related to a version mismatch (player running the latest 1.8.2 being matched with 1.8.1 player which should not happen) or wrong defaults (language defaulting to German instead of the device default language). We are also confided to have found the source of the “challengeInstanceID: ISSUED” error message in the Auto-Matches. We are already testing a Hotfix-Version to correct these issues.
    We will let you know once we start rolling out the Hotfix-Version.
    Simultaneously we are working with the dev team to identify the source of the problems that only occur on the live servers and fix these as soon as possible as well.
    We will continue to monitor your feedback and provide further fixes as soon as possible until the situation has not only been resolved but improved for all players.

  • Hi Catanians,

    We want to give you a little update about the progress we are making in fixing the known issues with 1.8.2.

    Our dev team was able to provide us with a Hotfix (Version 1.8.3) and we will upload that version to the stores as soon as possible.
    Unfortunately after the upload Google and Apple will need some time to review the update. We can´t speed up the process and it’s up to the store providers how long it takes. Only after their review, we will be able to publish Catan Universe 1.8.3.
    Right now we are estimating that the Hotfix will be available for all Catanians no later than Monday.
    Thank you all again for your patience and feedback.

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