Un-achieveable Achievements

  • Hi,

    I've been playing for a while and have all but 2 of the achievements in the game. It would see that since I maxed out at level 20 I no longer gain experience, and, because I no longer gain experience I cannot achieve the two remaining achievements of the game. This seems a bit odd.

    Not that it makes any difference, but the two achievements remaining are;

    Cities & Knights - Win 5 games with this expansion
    Cities & Knights - Play the wedding card 10 times

    I currently have 11 wins (single player), I cannot however state how many times I've played the wedding card as this information is available to me (I doubt the info against the achievement is actually correct and stopped counting when I maxed out at level 20).

    I have emailed regarding this issue and the explanation regarding maxing out at level 20 and the experience points no longer being gained was deemed to be the cause of the issue - can someone advise when this will be resolved? One fairly straight forward solution would be to surely extend the number of levels a player can gain, and make the experience points required between level grow significantly. Being stuck at level 20 doesn't enhance my player experience.

    I'm not personally bothered about having additional game functionality unlocked at any specific levels, but the recognition for it would be nice.

    I hope someone can take a look at this soon, its quite frustrating.

    Kind regards,


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