Game fails to start after match-making since 1.8.2

  • Hi,

    Not sure if anyone will see this and be able to action anything, but since the roll out of 1.8.2 (Steam version), I'm noticing the following;

    • it wasn't mandatory to upgrade to 1.8.2, you could remain on 1.8.1
    • after the match-making process, the game will fail to start with errors display about other player's connections or having left

    What this looks like is perhaps an issue where-by players are being matched who have different client versions of the game, e.g. some with 1.8.1 and some with 1.8.2. When that happens, it throws the error and you have to go back through the match-making process again. If you're lucky, you'll be matched with opponents with the same version, but this isn't guaranteed, so the same issue can happen a lot of times sequentially.

    Possibly related to this, I'm noticing that I'm getting match to players with a lot lower level too, since 1.8.2, for example, I'm currently level 20, and I got match against a level 5 and a level 6 - that seems a bit odd and wasn't really ever happening with 1.8.1.

    Hope the above is of some use. If you have any logging features which I can enable and then send crash logged reports through when it happens, please let me know, I'd be happy to help if it leads to this issue being resolved.

    Kind regards,


  • administrators

    @RobMeade Thank you very much for reaching out to us and giving us detailed feedback. We had issues with players using 1.8.1 getting matched with 1.8.2 users. We also have been able to identify other issues that lead to auto-games, not correctly starting. Now our devs are working on a fix for the.

    We will announce in the app once the fix/patch is available.

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