Fix the Dice

  • Hello,

    There have been many complaints about the dice rolls, when will you listen to the community?

    "I want to see some balance, especially on the dice"

    "Repeated sequences have been identified and verified by several players already"

    "I have never been so disgusted and disappointed by the complete mockery of dice patterns"

    "I played some nice games, but there were also games where the dice went crazy."

    Those are just a few of the comments. I understand theoretical probability of dice rolls are just that... theoretical. And it is very realistic to get rolls that are way off, and that is fine. The problem is the rolls are way off for most games. Here are some results that are very common... Example 1 , Example 2 , Example 3

    There is something fundamentally off with the "random" dice roll generator. Again, having an off game is ok. But it shouldn't be happening a majority of the time.

    Please at least give us the option to use "dice mode" in auto match.

    Don't believe people want it? Then ask them. Take a poll/survey.

    Thank you.

    Anyone reading this who agrees, please upvote.

  • @Hero1 @administrators @Developers I would really appreciate a dice mode option :game_die: in auto match. I suppose you are busy right now fixing the bugs :bug: of last update. But when you have time again, could you introduce it?

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