ELO/Karma destroyed by games losing sync, exiting/returning to find I’ve been kicked

  • Since an update or two ago, it is nearly impossible to play an entire game (iPad, 5 by 5 WiFi) without someone losing sync. Even happens at beginning of the game. Someone completes a turn, but the other players still see the first player as not having “passed” the dice. Sometimes, I (and others) exit and return and can continue the game, but more often I return to find I have been kicked. There goes more ELO. game.

  • Since the update I continuously get kicked from games, I've been kicked from at least 4 or 5 games just today even though I'm there. The game just glitches. It's always the same pattern: I lay a settlement at the start of the game, another player doesn't lay one, their timer runs out, and then I get an error that the game has ended. I refresh to the main screen, knowing it's a glitch, and get a notification that I was kicked from the game.

    What makes the situation so frustrating, is that every time I'm kicked, my ELO suffers a significant hit. It appears to range from 8-15 points each time. I've been trying for months to get up to grandmaster, and every time it happens, I just get knocked back for no reason. Today alone, I went from over 1200 to the 1170s. That's despite winning 3 matches and losing 1.

    Can you please look into this? I paid for the game expansion, and this is quite irritating. I love your app, but this is really frustrating. I would appreciate it if you could correct my ELO to the 1200 level it was earlier today.

  • The same exact thing happened to me. I was just kicked from the last three or four games. It looks like someone else isn't taking their turn. Can't get passed the initial laying of settlements. I've dropped from just over 1200 to 1166, and more importantly, I can't play anymore.

    Will this get fixed?

  • Same ...this has happened in about my last 5 games... someone seems to use up all their time, then it doesn't replace them with AI.... if you type something it says 'This Game has ended' ...but you can't get out of game without exit and losing ELO points ...I lost about 30 ELO points from these games alone

  • I was just about to 1200 and am now all the way down to 1123. It seems like once one game gets frozen, the next 1 to 3 games will also glitch out. I usually lose around 10 ELO per. I enjoy the game but it is extremely frustrating losing ELO for no reason. I spend an hour or two earning 10-15 ELO, just to have it wiped out. I am playing for the scoreboard, not just for my amusement. Otherwise I would just play "single player". I hope they fix it soon or I will have to find another game to play.

  • losed two times more then 100 elo. Irs no fun. Seems me an hack because always it are lvl 20 without opening advantage for cloth or weapon and most they are using game without log in. Problem for me is not the loose but the fact you are matched again with beginners who didnt do even the tutorial. So game take ages and its not fun to win that kind of matches.

    Today i had even a match with characters different frpm the one displayed in the get ready window just like i wad redirected. The broncode is total take over. Soon i wille been hacked in mine private data im afraid.

  • Same thing happens to me. I was just messaged by a purple player with a name that was not even in the group and they were yelling at me to hurry up and take my turn. Well, in the game I was actually playing, I had taken my turn and was waiting for the other three players who were all on kicktimers. Then I got kicked out. I’m so sick of this.

  • Agreed, this just happens too much. Just installed the new patch thinking maybe maybe maybe but first 4 games each of them hang up.

    It’s impossible to get your elo up because maybe 35-40% of games actually finishes

    How about scrapping the online tech and starting from scratch? Once you have spaghetti code it will never be Abel to be untangled.

  • Yah, well for me the connection is better, I have a pretty stable internet connection and I personally haven't been kicked out of games since last patch, however, I do see many other players getting kicked out, like more than 50% of the game has players dropping out.

    Many times I end up with 2 or 3 cpu's and winning the game, but that is not the way I want to win.
    Furthermore the CPU is not very great in teaming up against the winner nor in trading many times, so if there are still other human players left, it really sucks.

    Now I can understand that it is possible with many players playing on mobile, their connections are not that good (even with 5 bars of WIFI you could have bad latency).

    The biggest issue I have is with the turn timer not working when someone drops out when still choosing their initial village or city. Then the turn timer keeps running in a loop forever. When I quit and rejoin, the timer resets and then keeps running again forever. So in the end I have to quit the game, lose Karma and Elo (not alwyas it seems), while having a good connection myself.

    Please start with fixing the turn timer during the initial setup, so that at least players with high end connections ( cable connection, 200 Mbps+ and low latency ) and high end PC's, can finish their games.

  • These issues have existed for a VERY long time.

    Look at the App Store recent reviews.
    Look at the other forum posts.

    This game should be shut down. Client/server interface needs to be completely destroyed & rewritten.

    Patches are not helping. Money grab seasons are worthless POS jokes and a waste of time. They’re destroying this game and this community is getting fed up with this BS.

  • Bunch of bullshit. Refund me for my season. Game froze 3/10 games and I lost rank and ELO each time.


  • Yes I wanna refund too, game almost always freeze and I'm losing ton o Elo, that's not fear!
    I'm going to search for another way to play the game.

  • @its.always.sunny.c agree strongly

  • @Cyberwiz Mate I have a top rig and fantastic internet cabled to the modem and games crash, freeze and kick me all the time. This is an issue with the game/server.

  • The developers of this game are a bunch of lazy bums. This thread was started 2 months ago and they have still done NOTHING about this. We should sue them.

    Either myself or somebody else gets kicked from every single game for no reason. Its not my internet connection. Its the server.

  • @F1oresta1 no point in suing, you can't sue someone for money when they don't have any. However, I strongly encourage you to shit on them. Not like you're gonna get in trouble, heard they don't even check. If they did, then the game should have improved by now.

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