Pathetic Update!

  • The last update really screwed things up.

    1. The game automatically boots you.
    2. Someother player is replaced by an AI and the AI icon is shown near the wrong person.
    3. Game Hangs

    and now this!

    Can't even play a game... Sigh.. Any chance for a roll back?

  • Still getting the error as shown in the image above. This shows that no one is interested in fixing the bugs... I will recommend people not to buy any of their games till they fix this game.

  • administrators

    @SiddharthRout have you updated to version 1.8.3?

  • I play the browser version

  • And now the game is hung again!


  • Everyday there is something or the other which is going wrong... This is the 2nd time the game has frozen

    Today I got all the 3 bugs

    1. German when English site is opened
    2. The ChanllengeInstanceID error and now the
    3. Hanging part...

    This is really very frustating...

  • German when English site is opened... Still not fixed

    Game Hangs... Still not fixed

    IS ANYONE LISTENING????????????? Or am I beating my head against a wall???????????

  • We fixed an issue with the browser version. Our CDN was still caching the 1.8.2 version of the game and it sometimes got still got delivered to users. This issue has been addressed and you should now get 1.8.3 every time. This also includes the proper language settings are back. Thanks for your detailed feedback on the issue.

  • UPDATE: @administrators

    I have been extensively testing (playing this game) and I am happy to report that

    1. German when English site is opened... FIXED
    2. The ChanllengeInstanceID error... FIXED
    3. Hanging Part... Looks like it is Fixed. Only had one instance of the game hanging in the last 4 days.

    Great Job and thank you for your commitment to fix these issues. Much Appreciated!