Throws out the game, do not go into battle (Выбрасывает из игры, не зайти в бой)

  • Constantly throws out of the game as soon as you enter the battle. Eternal freezes and crashes. Out of 10 attempts to enter, on average, only one game normally goes through.
    All this appeared exclusively after the update 1.8.2.

    Постоянно выкидывает из игры, как только заходишь в бой. Вечные зависания и вылеты. Из 10 попыток зайти в среднем нормально проходит только одна игра.
    Всё это появилось исключительно после обновления 1.8.2.

  • Our dev team is working on solutions for the issue. You should see a decrease in failed initializations over time because right now we still see players not having upgraded to version 1.8.2. Version 1.8.1 causes right now the mentioned issues in the multiplayer. That's why we are urging all players (you excluded since you already updated) to get the patch as fast as possible.

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