Troubles starting a new game.

  • After the update, when I start a new game it shows like I have more than 12 resources and then the game ends before it even starts.

    Then when I finally entered to a game it got stock showing me as if it was someone else turn for a more than 5 minutes, I chatted with the other players and they told me the game was telling them it was my turn.

  • Similar issue here, after finding players, the load screen launches, but when the game board shows up it bugs out then gives me the "you or another player was disconnected, game ended". Only been happening since patch. Logging in and out did not work. Same thing happens in browser and on steam too.

  • Same here. Never had such problems playing a game before the update.....:angry:

  • We are working on resolving the reported issues. Thank you very much for your feedback.

  • Clowns ... just clowns!

  • @I_AM_SETH Same here

  • @Administrator if the issue is because other users have not installed the recent patch, why not force them to update or they cannot play? This is literally what every game developer does for online-only games (Overwatch, Destiny, etc.).

  • @Administrator - It seems to be getting worse...... the issues we all reported already.
    Just now the game just ended when we were about 2/3 done.
    Have you tested this update before going live? So many problems.... and we keep losing points.
    Many unhappy campers. So many players don't even know they can come here to check on things. I had to tell several about the website and the Community tab....
    Will you leave us all hanging over the weekend? This is really one of the worst update experiences I have had and I have been a player here from the start. I do not recall that the previous game which shall not be named any more had such issues..... Klaus Teuber must be really happy with how this is going. Or is he totally removed from this experience?
    @Moderators @Developers @KOSMOS @Klaus Teuber

  • @nemootje - HEY..... Never see you any more around the Catan world. I miss the good old days. ☺

  • I can't seem to start a Seafarers game, it searches for people and as soon as we are all ready the game is canceled because people left the game....Is there something I am missing?

  • This game is fucked have paid for the full version and can’t get a game or get kicked half way, sort your shit out@Klaus Teuber

  • @ToxicSlice- @Klaus @Klaus Teuber
    hello what are you doing to fix this game ......?

  • Our developers are working on a fix as we speak. To fix all issues we will need to roll out a new client version (the part of the game you are having on your devices as well). Unfortunately, this takes time because of stores like the Appstore or GooglePlay do have review times we can´t speed up. We will inform about the next steps via in-game messages.

    Thank you all very much for your patience.

  • You should add at least 50 Elo for every kickout. People are paying good money to play and it is frustrating to be kicked out when your connection is perfectly fine, but the dice freezes.

  • Seafarers Custom Game does start - This is now a regular problem , every time, we try to play. We just lose scrolls everytime we restart. This is a crazy bug. It looks like time to dump this game now.

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