Cant play since last patch

  • Does anybody know if users that have paid for the more expansive options are having the same negative experience?

  • @administrators seems better. Tho still get "challenge issued" error code - games that should be 12 or 14 points marked as 10. Thanks!

  • administrators

    @joeDisc0 thank you very much for the feedback. Our team keeps on reviewing reports and fixing issues. For some, we will need a client (the part of the game you are having on your device) update, other we can fix on the servers. We will all let you know about the next steps via in-game news.

  • @administrators Biggest issue right now is the turn timer expiry bug. If someone doesn't make a move past turn timer, they don't get kicked. This renders everything else ELO or game stats. There is an easy fix here... punish the players who go past their turn timer instead of players who are left forever waiting.

  • @SunnyHug same here. why?

  • @administrators i repeatedly get kicked out of the game right after it starts, why?

  • @joeDisc0 Don´t forget the other bug: A lot of players get kicked, while they are playing. I have had a lot of games with at least 1 player being kicked, inspite of them playing without any delay.

  • @administrators Can we please have a response here? I mean there are close to 1000 views on this topic, so clearly it's an issue. We can send a letter to Klaus explaining how these technical failures are jeopardizing the integrity of the game and costing him money....or we can figure out a solution on our own. Either way, this topic deserves a response.

  • Our team was able to identify and resolve an issue with the browser version. It was possible that you still got 1.8.2 instead of 1.8.3. This has been fixed. We are also currently resolving an issue connected to passing the turn. We are confident that this fix will reduce the numbers of "stalled" games significantly.

  • I'm jus kicked out. I see other player on turn for infinity, but other players say that the games goes on. I try refreshing but in the end I get a message that I was kicked off. Of course I lose a lot of ELO points. What happens in the last months?

  • @Administrator I have not been able to play in any online matches for the past few weeks. I am unable to get into custom match, and am not able to click into auto match on the basic game. It will only allow me to play single player. I have tried on the browser version, the desktop app version, and the mobile app version and none of them will let me play.

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