Cant play since last patch

  • since patch today can't play
    After loading start all players ready got immediately play is aborted because some players are missed or have bad connection. Tried now for few times with same result.

  • yep, the game went from unstable to completely unplayable.

    these clowns cant program for anything.

  • Have entered 2 games, both of which freeze within 3 rounds. Have attempted to enter 5+ other matches and it auto-cancels match saying players have left or there is a bad connection.


  • Worst server administration ever. The game is unstable. games keep disconnecting forcing the players to quit the game and eventually karma stars going down...

  • Same issues...... turn timer expires and player doesn't make a move and game essentially freezes with only option to quit. On both PC and iphone... happening to about 60% of all games with another 20% not starting at all.

  • How you can ruin Unity? Work for Catan...

  • +1 My client lets me find players, load screen launches, but when the game board shows up it bugs out then gives me the "you or another player was disconnected, game ended". Only been happening since patch. Logging in and out did not work. Same thing happens in browser and on steam too.

  • I am only getting kicked out of games. I see other player on turn. But other players report that the games goes on. I try refreshig but in the end I get a message that I was kicked off.

  • It keeps kicking me out!

  • Same. Wasted scroll.
    I wanna buy the game, but how do they expect people to pay money when they have these issue after running for so long?

    At least take steps to improve it and give the customers an estimation when these issues will be over.

  • We are truly sorry about the rough start and we are working full speed on stabilizing the system. we already applied a smaller patch to the servers since yesterday but we will continue to investigate and resolve more and more mentioned issues.

  • Essentially you guys can't figure out multi player functionality.... 90-95% fail rate on all games is beyond bad.

  • Dear administrators,

    I would like to share one more noticed: except the fact that people se someone elses turn (usually person on the left), they also see different colour. We were wating for blue, but blue reported different colours.

    For future, you may consider careful timing of your patch. For example in payment industry companies never make large fixes before Christmass. It this issue occured 2 weeks later, I would just smile, knowing that we are all humans.

    I kindly ask you to inform us about fixes. I use to have solid ELO, but this constant kick off must mean I am on my way to brozne.

    Kind Regards

  • @Administrator Well its a gambling game so even to come in you have to use the dice. At the moment one out ten gives access so hope you fixed soon.

  • @Administrator - many issues since the latest update.....
    Is there a way to test it before you make it live? This last one is the worst I have seen.
    About 75 % or more of the games I try to start end with supposedly players having all left at the start or nobody knows whose turn it is, or AI getting stuck and never timing out...
    We each see players in different colors.... I reloaded a stuck game and came back with a new color and a totally different board. This really is a bummer.....

  • @administrators

    Dear administrator,

    I would like to report one more issue. First time in my life I saw 2 sheep port on the first island. I played some games yesterday, so there is some improvements. But may times the game froze and I got kicked off. I mentioned to people that if they play on mobile, they should download a new up. But for me it was game over. I am already mad at the message that I got kicked of the last game. And the ELO point loses. They hurt my foolish pride.

    Could you do something? For example you could get a check the veriosn of application. You may dissalow peaple with previous version of application to join them the game. The could trigger a "download new" message. Eventually you could termporary modify disconnect behaviour. You could remove or change the message. You could temporaty disable point deduction.

    Kind Regards,

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