Language Bug

  • With the last update (1.8.2), my language setting was automatically changed to German and I can’t figure out how to change it back. Please help!

  • As mentioned in another topic, the dev team has been notified and will look into this asap. What platform are you playing on?

  • Worst developers ever. The game is unstable, games keep disconnecting forcing the players to quit the game and eventually karma stars going down... both pc and iOS.

  • @Administrator I don't know if anyone responded, but I will. I am playing on PC browser version, and cannot read the screen, as it is all in German. This was at 7:40 pm PST Thanks for your efforts

  • same here - playing on a Mac via Steam

  • Same problem, on an iPad using the app.

  • Same problem . Playing iOS ipad

  • Same problem on Kindle Fire and PC.

  • If you are encountering that issue please close the App completely and restart it again. This issue occurs if you log in manually when the App is already running.

    We are also working on a hotfix to resolve the issue.

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