Highest total possible achieved (I think)

  • Hello, I just won a game and believe I had the highest score that can be achieved. However, the point totals didn’t work properly as I guess it doesn’t happen very often.

    Here’s the situation. I was playing Harbormaster which requires 11 victory points to win. I had 3 cities and 1 settlement plus one victory point card. This totals 8 points right?

    The next turn I get a ridiculous number of iron and I have a 2-1 port. I add 2 roads and take over the longest road for 2 more victory points. 10 now. Now this is the crazy trick to get 13 points.

    I drop a settlement on a 3-1 port to have 1 more point plus 2 more for having the most trading ports - the first to 3.This should give me a total of 3 more points as I now have harbormaster.


    But the total shows 11 :(

    I tried putting the screenshots here but it doesn’t seem to allow it?

    Anyone else ever done this or something similar? Also if any developers are watching. You need to fix the point total system as it didn’t work properly. I have pictures to show you.

  • Sorry for the dumb question, but did you make sure nobody else had HB already?

  • I have a screen shot. I had 3 harbour points and one other player had one harbour for one point.

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