Any plans to improve the servers?

  • I am bleeding ELO because I can't stay logged into a game. Is there anything that I can do to mitigate this? I have been kicked from several games today where I was on the cusp of winning, but instead I get kicked, lose ELO, and start a new game that rolls 25 7s in a row. Pretty frustrating, especially after putting $25 into the game to unlock everything because I love the board game so much.

  • Man, this is the same feeling I experience. Soooo frustrated... I want to quit playing this horrible app but I can’t cause I am totally Addicted. It ran through my mind that it is a cheat that a player can use to throw u from the game as long as u tend to win...I don”t know.
    The thing is that the Admin doesn’t control the situation.
    C U at the AA group
    (Or CUA group)

  • +1

    these servers are so derpy

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