Error message : “Throttled RUNTIME_API_REQUESTS_LIVE_SECOND...”

  • Almost every game ends for me when I’m thrown out due to kicker that doesn’t show up or due to other error...
    But now, after uninstalling the app (IOS version, playing on ipad pro 2018) and reinstalling, I can’t even log in. After inserting my email address, password and pressing log in a message in red appears : Error {“message” : “Throttled RUNTIME_API_REQUESTS_LIVE_SECOND for 295012UDj75F” and I can’t continue.

    P.s. this message appeared also during games when bugs started to show up (not always).

    When would we be able to play this game without bugs at all ?!? It is not A big request...But a big deal for addicts like me..

  • I just succeeded to log in, but now every game with no warning I become AI (I can see myself as AI)...

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