• The kick-timer does not allow for any game flexibility. Catan should allow for changes to the kick-timer length when playing multi-person custom matches. We have a group that plays regularly and this becomes an issue at times that forces us to restart a game when we are kicked out when only a few more seconds is needed. Catan should allow us to invite back in players who have been ejected or come in late and replace the AI. Additionally, the kick-timer length should also be adjustable like other settings when creating the custom match. This would improve game play significantly.

  • Yes, it really should be possible to invite a player back in. :+1: Esspecially if so many players get kicked by unstable servers. Even in a customs game, this is not possible. The kicktimer was meant to prevent abuse, but in I my experience, we are all being harrassed way more by the kicktimer, than by any annoying trolls. :trollface: I had a few bad experiences with nasty players, so I blocked :no_entry_sign: them, and my problem was solved. But the kicktimer screws up most of my games, by kicking at least one of the players. Not nice!

  • I heavily agree. It should be the player's choice to invite the kicked player back in, especially if it's a multi-person match where people don't care about their leaderboard score, they just want to have fun. I think there should also be a more striking visual or auditory signal that the kicktimer is about to run out, it's very easy to forget that it is running when you are in trading mode and it's the end of the game when turns tend to take longer.


    Is there anything that can be done to customize and/or disable kicktimer amongst friends. Literally ruins the game 50% of the time. It is a FATAL design error

  • The kicktimer just ruined our game. It's just me and my bf playing right next to each other on the same wifi and suddenly he was kicked out. Makes no sense. Extremely annoying seeing we were in the end of a two hour game. Please fix this issue.

  • Please add an option to manually switch off the kicktimer when playing with friends. It is really annoying to be kicked out due to unstable internet connections. Thanks

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