• The kick-timer does not allow for any game flexibility. Catan should allow for changes to the kick-timer length when playing multi-person custom matches. We have a group that plays regularly and this becomes an issue at times that forces us to restart a game when we are kicked out when only a few more seconds is needed. Catan should allow us to invite back in players who have been ejected or come in late and replace the AI. Additionally, the kick-timer length should also be adjustable like other settings when creating the custom match. This would improve game play significantly.

  • Yes, it really should be possible to invite a player back in. :+1: Esspecially if so many players get kicked by unstable servers. Even in a customs game, this is not possible. The kicktimer was meant to prevent abuse, but in I my experience, we are all being harrassed way more by the kicktimer, than by any annoying trolls. :trollface: I had a few bad experiences with nasty players, so I blocked :no_entry_sign: them, and my problem was solved. But the kicktimer screws up most of my games, by kicking at least one of the players. Not nice!

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