Is a player report even taken into consideration?

  • I am very disappointed.
    I am playing with a cheater who uses a double account for ELO farming, and the behavior in game
    is so obvious that I am desperate I cannot do anything about it.

    I reported the player, but does that even make a difference? The result is that my ELO is screwed as I am landing last, which is
    disgracefully unfair.
    Two days ago, I had two leave a game after 2 hours of waiting because it froze on a bot (I watched a movie in the meantime), and finally I abandoned the game resulting in score decrease.

    What is this ELO nonsense, if these things are allowed to happen so often.
    Please address my frustration,
    my whole experience in Catan Universe has been frustrating a day after the other.

    As a user and a customer I demand my problems, as well as other legitimate players, to be taken into consideration.

    Thank you.

  • administrators

    @Alejandra I can assure you that every report is taken seriously. And that all reports are processed manually. This causes lots of work for us but we do believe its worth it.

    As addressed on many other occasions: We cannot "give back" Elo. This is due to a bunch of reasons. The biggest ones:

    Should you (or another player) have started a new game after that, other users are affected by your Elo as well. This is a cascading effect, adding at least 2 more accounts for every game played after the initial one.

  • I am wondering the same thing. How long does it take to process? I have played against a player several times who uses foul and insulting language. It makes the whole game very unpleasant for fellow players. I and other players have written complaints about her but I still see her playing.

  • administrators

    @evie15 Reports are processed within days but we do not inform the reporter about the process nor the outcome.

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