Suggestions to make the BS better

  • After a week I've finally been able to actaully play the game. Here are my suggestions:

    • Seriously, you don't have animate each and every card that is distributed one by one. That takes too much time
    • When placing I shouldn't have to press the check mark to confirm. Just place where ever I click OR instead of the check mare which is all the way on the other side of the screen, maybe turn the circle a certaain color and make users click it twice.
    • The banking system is NOT intuitive
    • Allow people to select whether they want 3 or 4 players
    • I didn't finish the game because the other real player left and the computer wouldn't do anything!!
    • get a better sound track that loops through DIFFERENT songs instead of the one annoying one.
    • make a new chat message in the game more obvious, like make the chat button GLOW or something when a new message is there. Also, don't let the chat BLOCK the whole fking game page. you should be able to chat and play at the same time.
    • allow players to continue playing even when waiting for a disconnected player to reconnect or a new player to join.
    • make it more obvious when the dice is rolled AND when it's your turn AND when the game officially begins after everyone places. As of now there is now warning or sound for any of these things!

    Things you got right

    • the full screen option is pretty cool
    • allowing a computer to play for disconnected users is cool.

  • I actually like the "confirm" function in Catan Universe, though it likely will take time to get used to. tim_gunn's suggestion to place the confirm button near the object placement might make it quicker and more intuitive.

    Regarding the chat suggestion, maybe add a sound when a new chat message is sent?

    While we're talking about sounds, totally agree that we need one when players end their turn or when it's your turn. Otherwise it's easy to miss the dice icon and much time is wasted.

    I think this will be a great platform when completed. Thanks!

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