Cheats running the show, on, and on, and on...

  • Dear moderators, would it be possible to have an explanation for the ELO - Leaderboard Ranking?

    We have had a player called Adriana, sitting at 1404 ELO for a whole year, and now we have a User named Werewolf something with 1550 ELO. As I have pointed out before, and as everyone who plays your game regularly knows, it is mathematically impossible to reach such a score.

    My very politely phrased question is, apart from reassuring me (as I am sure you will do) that you will look into the matter, is there any motivation from the moderation team's side to actually get these players off the list? As far as I am aware there are a number of paying players who would like to compete with each other and see their efforts rewarded in climbing up the Leaderboard, which obviously makes no sense if whenever you had a good run of wins against other experienced players, you drop down by 5 ranks, because literally every player who has a ranking above around 1320 ELO must by reasons of physique and maths be a cheat.

    I would really like to see some action from the moderation here - it would literally take 20 minutes to evaluate the number of games the (by now) top 20 players have played and ban them all as for all of them it is impossible to reach such a score.

    You know it. The core players know it. Where is the action? I (and not just I) would really appreciate action to be taken.

    With thanks,


  • administrators

    @Archibald-Ironfist Thank you for bringing that to our attention. Will will investigate if we can find some irregularities there and act if needed. Please make clear the user names from your initial post in the meantime.

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