iPad connection issues make it impossible to play

  • Hello,

    We love Catan, but unfortunately Catan Universe has become progressively worse to the point where it is impossible to play.

    As an example, our current experience with two iPads (11 inch pro, new mini), connected to strong WiFi and with the latest version just updated on the App Store. As soon as the game launches (two human players, two ai players) my wife gets the connection warning errors and kick timer starts. This persists for 5-20 seconds and reconnects, and will repeat every minute or two until it finally doesn’t reconnect.

    Are the developers of the game aware of these issues? Are they addressing them?

  • They said they fixed this issue with the last 2 updates. Apparently the problem still exists. Doesn't seem like it would get better any time soon.

  • Certainly in our experience, the problem has become dramatically worse over the past few months, not better.

    My comment and the reply paint quite a damning picture. Are the developers of this game going to weigh in with some explanation and reassurance?

  • Most answers have always been "This happens to a small minority of players"... Even though the game is mostly receiving negative feedback in every channel almost daily. Even though the game is within the bottom 100 rated games in Steam. Bottom 100 out of thousands of games! https://steam250.com/bottom100

    But no, it's the players who are wrong :D

  • Do the developers have any intention of replying to this?!

  • @Yzingher if you want the developers to read this, you can address them directly at @Developers

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